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Buying Guide

We have put together these helpful tips and guides in order to help you make the best informed decisions about the right patio umbrella for you.

Patio Umbrella Prices

One of the most difficult things about buying the right outdoor patio umbrella is determining the price that you are willing to invest.  There are a lot of patio umbrella prices to look at. Most online shoppers today know the difference between a cheap umbrella and a premium umbrella, but quality compared to price is often difficult to gauge.  An online search of patio umbrellas will lead to a plethora of choices.  But how do you know that the 199 dollar umbrella you’re looking at is going to last, or if it’s going to fade and fail after a month’s use?

Cleaning your Sunbrella Patio Umbrella

It's important to keep your Sunbrella fabrics clean and dirt free.  Sunbrella fabrics are highly mildew resistant, however, dirt and mud are not.  Most times, when you see mildew on an umbrella made with Sunbrella fabrics, it's because dirt and mud where allowed to get on the umbrella canopy, embedding into the fabric.   As mud and dirt get wet and are exposed to the air, mildew grows on the particles.  The fabric resists the mildew, but it still grows on the foreign particles.

Umbrella Wind Vents: Why are they important?

With all of the wind vent choices available at iPatioUmbrella.com, how are you going to choose the right one for your patio umbrella?  To give you a better understanding of the different features of our wind vents, it’s important to know what a Wind Vent does.

Tilt Patio Umbrellas - How to Pick The Right One

The one downside to outdoor lounging is this; that pesky sun doesn’t stay in one place. It’s always the same; you find a nice shady spot under your favorite patio umbrella, and what happens? A few minutes later that pesky hot, bright sun comes peaking under the umbrella canopy right into your face and eyes. There goes your perfect little shady spot! However, one of the coolest things that a quality patio umbrella can do is... drum roll please… TILT. You reach up, tilt your umbrella, and viola, your perfect little shady spot is back.But HOW your umbrella tilts can be the determining factor in how much you enjoy your patio and your favorite shady spot.

Umbrella Bases. The "Whatever" Trap.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an umbrella base so as not to fall into the WHATEVER TRAP.   What's the WHATEVER TRAP, you might ask?  Well, it's something most consumer's go through when making a purchase without being fully informed about the product or product choices available.  I've been through it myself.  Faced with a multitude of choices, like colors, or styles, or options, you either don't buy anything, or worse, buy the first thing you see, i.e., the WHATEVER TRAP.

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